Self Care Sunday #1

How is your weekend going?

Self care is a thing! For many of us it’s the lack of self care. Especially us moms tend to put everybody and everything else first. In the end self care is not really happening. No time, too tired, too much to do. Ain’t no time for that girl! I am guilty of all those excuses. But we need time to recharge and connect with ourselves or we end up being depleted and burned out!

I believe self care can be lots of things. It doesn’t have to be a full Spa retreat or a massage. It’s the little things that count. What we do on a daily basis -and every little bit counts, right!?

Sunday is for self care, so let’s collect some ideas what we could do for self care.

Let’s do this!

  1. We like to bake cookies at home, especially during the Holiday Season. Did you know that baking can be a stress reliever?
  2. Need some inspiration what cookies to bake? How about some anti stress chocolate chip cookies to make it even more of a relaxing experience?
  3. How about some tea with the cookies? Scientists found out that brewing and drinking tea can really help you to reduce your stress levels.
  4. Want to boost relaxation even more with a calming tea blend? Here a some suggestions. This sounds promising too!
  5. I like to listen to podcast while doing rather uninteresting things, like cleaning up, doing the laundry, cooking (you get it, all the fun stuff, haha). There are tons out there for self care and to de-stress.
  6. During Fall and Winter when it’s cold, dark and wet outside here in Oregon, I like to have it cozy and nice inside. That helps me to bear the weather. One thing I like to do is to use scents. You can find tons of affordable Essential Oil Diffuser online. I like this brand. You can buy them here. I want to try this blend.
  7. You could use your Essential Oil Diffuser in your sacred space at home. Don’t have one yet? What it is and why you need one.


Did you find some inspiration?

Have a good day,


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