Self Care Sunday #2

Is it Sunday already?

I feel like the last weeks of this year are going by so fast. Anyone else?

Are you in holiday prepping stress mode? I hope not but if you need some inspiration on how to recharge -here we go! It’s Self Care Sunday!

  1. You might have heard of it already but it won’t hurt to read it again: Meditation is a simple way to reduce stress. Never did it before? No problem here are some tipps on how to get started. You could also start with a 5 minute guided Meditation for stress relief. Hey 5 minutes is totally doable!
  2. Why not try a bathtub Meditation? Taking a bath is relaxing already. If you’re not into Meditation or want to up your game try this Epsom Salt bath (but don’t you dare to fall asleep in the bathtub!)
  3. To avoid that you could also take a Mindful Shower?
  4. Or you could sing under the shower? Studies have shown that singing also helps reducing stress.
  5. If you have 30 minutes you could try napping. I really want to try that on the weekends since I sometimes think I need a nap instead of powering through the day even though I feel super tired. Don’t want to wake up groggy? Here are some tipps!
  6. Did you know that crafting reduces stress too? Since it’s Holiday Season you might want to  try some easy crafts with your kids. Keeping them occupied + de-stressing yourself = winwin! If you’re not into Holiday decoration, why not try to make a big chunky knit blanket?
  7. Sounds like a full day? Why not used the day to do a digital detox?

I hope you found some inspiration!

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