TGIF – The weekly roundup

Huh, is it Friday already?

How was your week guys? I hope it was a good one!

We’re finally getting a Christmas tree tomorrow. I know it’s time. We’ve tried to get one earlier this week but didn’t happen. We went to a place close by which supports the cancer society through selling their Christmas trees. Good thing but all the trees where super small and it was already dark outside. So we decided do go on Saturday when it’s still light outside. Luckily we have some Christmas tree farms near by aaaaand it looks like it’s going to be dry tomorrow which is a huge plus too! Speaking of dry, this winter has been quite nice so far. It’s not raining 24/7 yet. Good for the mood but not good for nature.

  1. Speaking of Christmas trees. There’s a ton of science when it comes to growing the perfect Christmas tree according to this article, huh!This week Sarah, the founder of Osmia Organics shared an article on Forest Bathing. So fascinating and cool!
  2. Healthy chocolate treat anyone? I made these vegan and gluten free black bean brownies this week. Try them, they are so good and actually good for you.
  3. I also want to make this fermented Cranberry Soda. Look at this color! Doesn’t it look gorgeous? Did you know that fermented foods are immune boosters? Read more about that in my last blog post here.
  4. The Fitglow Limited Edition Discovery at Beauty Heroes is still available! The Day palette  comes with a lip serum in Nudie an the Night palette comes with Deep. The palette alone is $69 on the Fitglow website. At Beauty Heroes you get the palette and a lip serum -which is $42, for $59. Such a great deal! Get it here.
  5. The Pantone Color of the year 2019 is Living Coral. Have you ever wondered who chooses it and why? This is a nice read.
  6. Baby it’s cold outside! Since the temperatures are starting to drop here in Oregon I feel like my skin needs a little bit more pampering after the shower. The skin on my legs is usually on the drier side anyways. I was looking for some body butters online and found a super easy DIY. I’ve never made body butter before and this body butter is whipped! WHIPPED you guys! That sounded so good to me, and with just 3 ingredients? SOLD! I’ve tried it yesterday and this recipe is not only easy (if I can do it you can too!) but the body butter feels so good. It melts on the skin. So inexpensive too! I added some essential oil and now it also smells delish.
  7. This book made me whipe a tear this week at least 2 times! If you have grandparents or/and family who lives far away this is a good book. My kids love it. The illustrations are cute, the story too and it has some doors to open and peek-through holes.

Do you have plans for the weekend? Besides the Christmas tree, I still have some Christmas presents on my list. We also want to bake some more cookies.

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